This new feature will change how you use WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been busy lately rolling out multiple new features to enhance its offering as a messaging platform.

On Tuesday, the company announced that it’s introducing the ability to share your screen during a video call. 

With the latest update, Meta will take on traditional video conferencing apps like Microsoft Meet, Google Meet, Zoom, and Apple’s FaceTime.

‘Whether sharing documents for work, browsing photos with family, planning a vacation or shopping online with friends, or just helping grandparents with tech support – screen sharing lets you share a live view of your screen during the call,’ said Meta in a press release.

Mark Zuckerberg took to social media to post about the new update, sharing a picture of him on a group WhatsApp call where someone was sharing their screen.

From the looks of it, it’s pretty similar to how screen sharing works on any video-conferencing platforms like Google Meet or Zoom.

How to screen share on WhatsApp

You can initiate screen sharing by clicking on the ‘Share’ Icon and choosing between sharing a specific application or sharing the entire screen.

Meta also added that users could enjoy video calls in landscape mode for a wider and more immersive viewing and sharing experience on their phones.

The company said that the screen share feature has begun to roll out on Android, iOS and Windows Desktop, with landscape mode now available for all users on iOS and Android.

While video calling has been available on WhatsApp since 2016, it has recently been adding new features to position itself as more than a basic messaging platform.

Just last month, the company said it would allow users to send short video messages directly in chats.

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