Thousands could save on their energy bills this winter with switching scheme

The cost of living crisis is continuing to have an effect on millions of households, with high energy bills remaining a concern as the winter months approach.

Although Ofgem’s energy price cap is due to drop to £1,923, people are still set to face higher costs than they did pre-Covid – with bills likely to remain around the same as they did last year when the Government offered everyone a £400 discount over six months.

However, help is at hand from other sources if you’re looking for ways to keep costs down.

One option could be to take part in The Big Community Switch, a scheme aimed at finding you the best energy tariff for your needs – and helping you move to it.

How does the scheme work and how do you sign up for it?

The Big Community Switch explained

According to its website, The Big Community Switch works by allowing people to ‘benefit from the bargaining power of a large group’.

The next auction takes place on October 3, so customers looking to switch tariffs will need to have signed up for it by then.

It will see a variety of pre-vetted energy companies compete to offer the best possible deal for registered customers.

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Those who are taking part will then receive a personal offer based on a number of factors, including their current tariff, energy consumption, billing preference and contract type.

This will also include details such as standing charge and unit rate – as well as the estimated cost for the next 12 months.

Customers will have four weeks to decide whether to accept the offer, although there is no obligation for them to do so – but if they do decide to switch iChoosr will take care of everything for them.

Offers must be taken up by November 27.

How to apply for The Big Community Switch

You can apply for the scheme here – if you want to take part in the next auction you’ll have to sign up by October 2.

The scheme is open to anyone who receives an energy bill in their name or their partners – and that includes those who rent their property, or are on a prepayment meter.

When does the energy price cap fall?

The Ofgem energy price cap will fall to £1,923 from October 1.

This also stands at £1,949 for those on prepayment meters, £2,052 for standard credit tariffs, and £1,298 for Economy 7 (electricity-only Direct Debit).

Although bills will be cheaper costs are set to remain high.

When the cap went down to £2,074 (from a £2,500 cap-on-a-cap), the average bill fell by around 17%.

But, speaking about the energy price cap, Which? Energy editor Emily Seymour cautioned: ‘Energy bills will be almost double the amount they were before the energy crisis began, and these prices will still be unaffordable for many households.’

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