‘Three dead rats a day’ spotted in alleyway behind Subway

Subway show their support for NHS staff during pandemic

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The alleyway located behind the branch of a Subway store in Leeds has been nicknamed “rat ginnel” by passers-by. The area located behind the store reportedly smells “awful” due to a surplus of food waste and the bodies of dead rats.

Photographs taken by an anonymous man who works nearby, show the conditions outside the Subway in Blenheim Terrace, Woodhouse.

Several wheelie bins can be seen overflowing with waste from the fast-food restaurant franchise.

The Leeds store marks one of more than 44,000 locations around the world for the sandwich chain.

Reportedly, the bins are overflowing with out of date bread from the restaurant which specialises in made-to-order sandwiches.

The pile of discarded bread is said to have been so large on occasions that workers have not been able to shut the lid.

The concerned man claims to see at least three “huge” dead rats a day there when he passes by the alleyway on his way to work.

He also claims that the “disgusting” sight witnessed isn’t a one-off either, as the bread is piled high in the bins every week.

He questioned why the bread wasn’t donated to homeless charities or food banks in the area as it appeared to be in a “fine” condition.

The concerned Leeds resident told LeedsLive: “This is all the wasted bread from Subway on Woodhouse Lane.

“I think it’s disgusting as all this bread is perfectly fine for the homeless or a food bank?”

He later added: “The state that the bread is past shelf life but looks completely fine to me”.

The anonymous source then said “no wonder there’s so many rats” when referencing that piles of discarded food waste occur weekly.

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He added: “I work very close to this, and we have named the road ‘rat ginnel’ due to that amount of dead rats we see during our lunch break.”

The gentlemen also explained that there are a collection of dead rats at the site, and as a result, there is an “awful” smell in the area.

He estimated that the rats have grown about 10 inches after eating their way through the surplus of discarded food thrown away by the food chain.

Since noticing the rat problem, the man says he and other employees at his workplace all actively avoid eating at the Subway branch.

In response to the situation at the Blenheim Terrace branch, a spokesperson for Subway told LeedsLive that each individual franchise is responsible for disposing of waste “efficiently”.

They told the outlet: “All SUBWAY® stores are independently owned and operated by franchisees, but as responsible retailers, SUBWAY® franchisees work closely with their local communities and have policies in place to ensure waste is disposed of efficiently and recycled where possible.”

The food chain is currently marking National Sandwich Day, which occurred on November 3, with an extended deal.

Lasting until November 6, Subway customers who buy two footlong sandwiches will get a third one free of charge when using their app

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