Three-year-old bitten by ‘Staffie or Pitbull’ with ‘flesh left hanging out’

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Daniel Parry carried his bleeding son Luca, three, for help after the horror on Saturday afternoon. The dog, said to be either a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Pitbull, pounced on the child and bit his forearm, which left “flesh hanging out”.

I looked to his forearm and he had a big cut in his arm, the teeth had gone in and there was flesh hanging out

Daniel Parry

Luca was rushed to A&E and has been left with “a big laceration on his arm,” his dad told the Liverpool Echo.

The family had been at the playground at Otterspool Promenade in Aigburth, Liverpool, when the dog attacked. It was with another dog and their male owner, who Daniel claims left the scene.

Daniel, who is First Aid trained, said: “My son was attacked where the gate was towards the playground. There were two dogs strapped up, with a man looking into the playground.

“They didn’t seem very feisty or anything like that. We walked around them and Luca was next to me, but all of a sudden one of the dogs ran out.

“The dog must have had an extension on its lead, because it got out so far and bit my son’s arm. I instinctively reacted, so the dog must have panicked and left him. But it happened all so fast, the dog jumped on my son.

“I noticed there were teeth marks on his forearm and I just ran to him straight away. I looked at the dog owner as if to say ‘what the h**l?’, and I looked to his forearm and he had a big cut in his arm, the teeth had gone in and there was flesh hanging out.”

Members of the public helped Daniel dress the wound and put a compress on Luca’s arm, before he was taken to hospital.

Daniel, from Woolton, Liverpool, claims doctors told him “it was lucky” Luca did not suffer any nerve or artery damage.

The dad added: “He’s ok now and he’s been seen to. But the teeth have gone into his flesh, he’s got a big laceration on his arm and there’s a wound there. It’s because I was right next to him that I was able to get the dog off him straight away.

“I just keep thinking now, if I wasn’t right next to him, could something more have happened to him? Is someone else going to get hurt?

“Is this going to happen again? It could be a lot more serious.”

Daniel has made an appeal to trace the owner of the dogs and says he has told police.

It’s believed the owner was a man, aged in his 40s, and the two dogs were believed to be either Staffordshire Bull Terriers or American Pitbulls.

Merseyside Police have been contacted for more information.

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