‘Times have changed!’ Camilla viewed as a ‘good thing’ as popularity increases

According to a royal historian, the Duchess of Cornwall’s position as a potential Queen Consort has “certainly evolved” in recent years, as she takes a more prominent role within the Royal Family. During the Nineties, Camilla was frequently targeted by both the press and the public for her role in the breakdown of Prince Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana, but she is now widely regarded as a “pretty good thing” for her consistent support to the monarchy. 

According to recent YouGov polls, she is currently ranked as the 10th most popular member of the Royal Family, ahead of both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Speaking of her likelihood to become Queen Consort, royal historian Dr Anna Whitelock told the Express.co.uk: “I think her position has certainly evolved and there’s been a huge and very long process of rehabilitation since the days where she was described as this rottweiler at the time of Diana.

“I think it’s important to remember that many people under the age of 35 really don’t remember Diana and all of that with Camilla.

“I think times have changed and I think anybody who has feelings for Diana, press or people, think she is a pretty good thing.

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“I think the heat out of that debate has certainly lessened but I still think it remains to be seen and when anybody posts an article about the prospect of Queen Camilla, you always get some people commenting ‘that’s outrageous, she was the cause of Diana’s misfortune and misery’.

“But I think that is lessening now and I think the likelihood is that she will be.”

Ahead of her 2005 marriage to Prince Charles, Clarence House released a statement to say that upon her husband’s ascension to the throne, Camilla would be known as the Princess Consort. 

This statement was previously listed under the ‘Frequently Asked’ section of the Clarence House website, but has now been removed. 

Camilla is ‘always accommodating’ says Robert Jobson

The Prince of Wales first met Camilla during the early Seventies, and they embarked upon a short-lived relationship before becoming close friends.

Camilla went on to marry British Army officer Andrew Parker-Bowles, whilst Charles married the young Lady Diana Spencer in a ‘fairytale wedding’ in 1981.

However by the mid-Eighties, cracks had begun to emerge in both marriages, and Charles and Camilla began to engage in an extra-marital relationship. 

This was subsequently revealed in the Andrew Morton book ‘Diana: Her True Story’, which the Princess of Wales had covertly helped to write. 

Public scrutiny around their relationship intensified in 1995, after Diana participated in a bombshell interview with journalist Martin Bashir for BBC Panorama. She famously said “there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded” when asked about Camilla’s role in her separation from Charles.


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Despite public backlash continuing after the death of the late Princess of Wales, Camilla was eventually welcomed into the Royal Family after she married the prince at Windsor Guildhall and began to embark on official engagements. 

Since then, she has become the Royal Patron or President to over 100 charities and organisations, and has received praise for her work in raising awareness of osteoporosis, literacy and sexual abuse.

Earlier today, she gave a speech in London where she spoke of her shock at Sarah Everard’s murder and called for urgent action on tackling violence against women. 

It was also announced this week that she would accompany Prince Charles to Egypt and Jordan in November, for their first overseas royal tour in over two years. 

She is also set to attend the COP26 summit on November 1, where she will join other senior royals in hosting world leaders for the important climate summit. 

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