Tinder thief stole £457 worth of sex toys from date

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A woman fled her flat in Scotland after a Tinder date she spent the night with stole almost £500 worth of sex toys. The sexually-positive female endured the bizarre theft in October last year after she matched with a man on the app and the pair agreed to meet. The 26-year-old woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, welcomed the stranger to her home in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh. Before any romantic engagement began that evening she decided to show him her unique collection of sex toys.

The woman reports her visitor told her he sold the erotic experience enhancing devices himself. But after a night spent together the woman was alarmed when she woke up around 7am the next morning and her date had disappeared along with £457 worth of sex aids.

She told Edinburgh Live she was so shocked at the thought of some rifling through her belongings she decided to move out of her home and leave Scotland to be safe with her family.

She said: “I matched with him on Tinder, and he came over to my flat

“He seemed really confident in himself which I find attractive, and then we slept together.

“I have always collected weird-looking sex toys so I showed him my collection, I had eight worth £457 together. He told me that he sold sex toys which I thought was progressive.”

She continued: “I had woken up at 7am and he had taken them all. I showed him the night before but didn’t think anything about it. I noticed at around 5pm the next day – he had access to my entire flat, there was an expensive PC there, two tablets but all he took was the sex toys. It’s so perverted and intrusive.

“I reported him to the police two days later. They phoned me back two months later and they didn’t care about it at all.”

The shaken-up woman thinks that he could have done the same to other women due to the conversations they had that evening.

The shaken-up woman thinks that he could have done the same to other women due to the conversations they had that evening.

She explained: “I think he has done it to other women because of the way I happened. Not many people would report that because of the nature of the crime.

“I am angry no one took me seriously and after it happened I left Scotland to be home with my family as I was so shaken up and uncomfortable that he knew my address.”

Police Scotland has been approached for comment.

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