Tips on how to help if your child is struggling with maths

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It’s plain to see that being good at maths offers a real advantage both in school and into adult life and this can make it all that more frustrating if your child is struggling with the subject.

Despite this, its important to know that you and your child are not alone.

As it is so common, the virtual tutoring service, Maths-Whizz, have put together some tips for parents to help get their kids feeling more confident and on track without causing upset.

Here are some tips offered by Maths-Whizz:

  1. Give them your undivided attention
  2. Stay calm and be positive
  3. Exercise patience
  4. Reassure them whenever they’re struggling
  5. Talk about your own struggles in school and how you overcame them
  6. Explain the practical applications of each new maths skill
  7. Make a game out of it
  8. Give them praise for putting in the effort
  9. Work with their teacher and ask for regular progress updates
  10. Hire a virtual tutor

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