Tory MP erupts at ‘anti-Brexit BBC’ in furious tirade – ‘My constituents voted to LEAVE’

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Tory MP Martin Vickers broke into an anti-BBC tirade while speaking in the House of Commons on Wednesday. Mr Vickers argued against the BBC’s coverage of Brexit and complained it was not representing the views of everyone across the UK. He added changes needed to be made as it is tax-funded and many constituents routinely complained about the BBC’s coverage.

Mr Vickers said: “I briefly wanted to mention the BBC as well.

“I ventured the views of the director-general of what he wrote to blue-collar Conservatives.

“He said: ‘It ensures we will continue to deliver programmes that represent and modern Britain and the voices of the whole of the UK.’

“The BBC certainly doesn’t represent the views of the people of Cleethorpes and I think that is probably true of the many industrial and Conservative towns across the north of England.”

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The Tory MP also attacked the BBC for their tone and attitude towards Brexit.

He said: “The rather superior tone of presenters, particularly during the Brexit debate.

“You could see them saying, more or less, how could you possibly support leaving the EU?

“I would like to remind the BBC that 70 percent of my constituents did in fact vote to leave the EU.

“The majority of those that voted to leave would be in the elderly category and they value the BBC.

“But they don’t value the BBC in the direction it is moving at the moment.”

Mr Vickers also argued what changes needed to be seen in the BBC if they are to continue to be tax-funded.

He said: “If we are to continue funding the BBC through the licence fee, on balance I think that is going to go forward in some modified way for the foreseeable future.

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“The BBC needs to take note of the views of people.

“We all have our regulars who contact us complaining about the BBC and its coverage, with justification in many cases.

“That has grown considerably in recent times.”

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