Town in Kent turns Christmas lights on 10 months early to lift people's spirits

A town in Kent has turned Christmas lights on in February to lift spirits during the bleak winter lockdown.

Tankerton, near Whitstable, turned off the colourful lights in January as the festive period came to an end.

But hundreds have voted to switch them back on as people in the UK live under harsh Covid restrictions once again.

Residents in Tankerton smashed a target of £300 to raise more than £1,200 to fund the display.

Julie Corke – co-founder of Talk of Tankerton, a group of local businesses that arranges the lights – said everyone needed ‘a bit of light and sparkle’.

She said: ‘Our Christmas lights were so well-received over Christmas.

‘But going into a lockdown straight after Christmas and New Year, it just seemed having to turn the lights off was going to be too dull and too dark for everyone.

’Everyone needs a bit of light and sparkle through lockdown to make them smile.

‘We switched them off, then among ourselves discussed turning them back on.’

The extra money from the fundraiser is set to go towards the town’s Christmas lights in December.

It comes after some impressive displays were seen in December, with one couple spending eight weeks and £5,000 on their Christmas lights.

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