‘Toxic and dangerous’ – Meghan fans rage at ‘parasitic’ Thomas Markle after new attack

Prince Harry: Money is ‘all they care about’ says Thomas Markle

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During the TV interview, Meghan Markle’s estranged father Thomas Markle discussed the current status of his relationship with his daughter. He told GMB that he will not be pursuing legal action to gain visitation access to his two grandchildren, and instead was calling for the Sussexes to hold a family reunion.

The 76-year-old former lighting director begged to be allowed to see his grandchildren two-year-old Archie and Lilibet, who was born in June.

Since her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan and her father have not spoken.

Following this, Thomas Markle has conducted a number of interviews where he has both criticised his daughter and pleaded for her forgiveness.

Taking to Twitter, many royal fans blasted Thomas for the comments he made, with one branding him “parasitic”.

The user with the handle @XoxoLeigh1, who describes themselves as a “proud member” of the Sussex Squad in their bio, claims that the purpose of the interview was “to put down Meghan”.

While user @ritaag who has regularly tweeted their support for Prince Harry and Meghan in the past blasted Mr Markle, referring to him as both “toxic” and “dangerous”.

They wrote: “Thomas Markle is toxic and a dangerous individual. Only the UK and Australian media keep giving him a platform to harass and abuse his daughter.

“There is a reason why the US media pay him dust”. 

While a fan page for the couple @TeamSussex wrote: “That excuse of a father is the snake. He’s a complete disgrace and deserves NOTHING. #MeghanMarkleIsAnIcon”

Royal fan @victoriajane6 tweeted her thoughts after the interview, claiming that Meghan’s father is “weirdly jealous” of her.

She also claimed that he wasn’t acting like a paternal figure towards the 40-year-old mother of two.

She wrote: “Thomas Markle seems weirdly jealous of his own daughter. Just because his life is a failure, he wants to bring Meghan down with him. He plays the victim. He tries to turn everyone against her.

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“Not what a parent should do. A parent would be proud & protect her, not encourage this”.

While @HarryHarryshud who regularly tweets about the Sussexes blasted Mr Markle’s requests.

They wrote: “Why would she allow him time, when he has publicly slated her on TV with the very journalists that Harry and Meghan snubbed?

“Thomas Markle is an abusive father playing victim.”

User @TexasFernando2 rebuffed those who claimed Mr Markle’s interview was akin to Prince Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah back in March.

They wrote: “Thomas Markle is bullying his daughter.

“Threatening to continue talking to the press if she doesn’t reach out to him.

“He also threatened to sue Meghan in order to see her kids. How in your right mind would you compare that to what H&M did on CBS?”

A second tweet followed up on their initial message, which detailed some of Thomas’s actions towards Meghan ended with the statement “You must a really hateful person to think TM [Thomas Markle] bullying Meghan is same to Oprah interview.”

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