Traders accuse parking attendant of 'hunting people down' to fine them

A group of furious traders say business is being driven out of town because of one notorious parking attendant.

The business owners in Ayr, Scotland, say the problem is so bad they are scared to unload products outside their shops.

Since opening last November, the owner of a new bakery in town called Wild Dough has received 11 parking fines totalling £330.

She had only been in the bakery for three days before she was given a fine.

It took her a month to get a parking permit for her business, which only lets her unload before 10.30am and after 4.30pm.

Greek restaurant owner Tony Kyrcikos has regular showdowns with the parking attendant, and described how business owners feel like they have been ‘hunted down’.

‘I was in the process of moving my car, I was waiting for someone to bring the keys out to me from the restaurant. He gave me a ticket for that,’ he said.

‘All the shops here are fed up. We have all complained about him.’

Tony said at one point a 70-year-old disabled man parked up by his restaurant to get some food before being issued with a parking fine.

He says he paid for it but incidents like this are putting people off shopping in the town centre.

Jim McSherry, local pub owner, says most business owners have fallen victim to the parking attendant.

‘There’s new businesses opening in Newmarket Street. We’re trying to bring people into the town,’ he said.

‘This idiot is driving them out of town. He’s not being reasonable at all. He’s not giving anyone a chance.’

Hairdresser Alison Ingram has been open in the Scottish town for 39 years and says she’s been on the end of six tickets costing £240.

She said the town has had many parking wardens over the years who are usually nice and accommodating.

A spokesperson for Ayrshire Roads Alliance said: ‘The restrictions on Newmarket Street have not changed and are very clear. Newmarket Street is a pedestrian zone and there should be no access by vehicles during the hours of 10.30am and 4.30pm.

‘Thirty minutes loading/unloading is allowed after 4.30pm and before 10.30am for vehicles with loading permits or goods vehicles. We have written to all businesses to remind them of the parking restrictions.’

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