Tree surgeon fells to get more sunlight and finds Jesus face in trunk

Jesus Christ: Expert discusses ‘humorous’ story

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An apprentice tree sturgeon says he was amazed to discover the face of Jesus Christ in a tree’s growth rings while cutting it down in Wantage, Oxfordshire. Callum Johnson claims he noticed what appeared to be familiar features of the son of God. A striking image of the Christ-like face shows a clearly defined head, eyes, nose, mustache, beard, and trademark flowing locks.

Callum, from Benson, Oxfordshire, was part of a team chopping down a 13 feet poplar that was blocking light into houses.

He said: “We were cutting a big poplar tree down, which was about 13ft tall as it was blocking sunlight to the [nearby] houses.

“As my colleague was cutting through the branch it fell on the floor and I instantly noticed the face of Jesus. We all looked at it and I thought it was amazing.

“It was pretty clearly defined – you could see the eyes and the beard. I’m not religious myself but after seeing that I may be open to considering it.”

Callum could not believe his eyes, he had had never seen “anything like this before”.

“My colleagues said that in their 40 years of doing it they’d never seen [anything similar] either.”

Since sharing the footage on Facebook, Callum’s post has reportedly been showered with comments from people also noticing the similarity while others suggested the face looked like Rasputin, Jim Morrison, Kenny Rogers and Bob Ross.

Callum said: “Some people have been saying it looks like Bob Ross, people have suggested I sell it on eBay for loads of money.

“At this rate, it could become a place of pilgrimage. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for this kind of thing in future.”

Callum’s Facebook post, captioned “I’m a tree surgeon and found this in the decay of a log”, sparked speculation as to who the Christ-like face looked like, the Daily Mail reported.

One wrote: “Amen.”

While another said: “Kenny Rogers.”

One wrote: “Jim Morrison.”

Another commented: ‘”Finally, the little trees painted him” alongside a picture of Bob Ross.

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Phil Buckley, a 44-year-old dad who was chopping a log in Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, said he made a similar discovery earlier this month. 

Only 17 miles away from Callum, Phil said he saw the spitting image of Jesus as he was confronted with the Messiah’s distinctive profile. 

He told The Sun: “I couldn’t bring myself to burn it — especially not over Christmas. We’re going to show it off to the family over the festive period.

“It’s a bit of fun and people will find it funny.”

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