Trio ‘booked one-way tickets to Pakistan before police found Sara Sharif’s body’

With an international manhunt underway, three people known to 10-year-old Woking girl Sara Sharif are believed to have booked one-way plane tickets to Pakistan, and flown there the day before police discovered her body.

The youngster’s body was found at her home, in Woking in Surrey, a week ago.

Now a travel agent in the town has claimed to have been contacted by somebody known to Sara asking to book tickets for three children, as well as five children.

Surrey Police want to speak to three unnamed people known to Sara, all of whom left the UK on August 9.

Officers launched a murder investigation after they discovered Sara’s body alone in the house at 2.50am the next day.

The travel agent named the individual who made the booking on the evening on August 8, confirming this person had used his services previously, according to the BBC.

Police in Pakistan are also understood to have said no formal approach has yet been made by the British authorities in respect of the case.

No formal extradition treaty exists between Pakistan and the UK.

Speaking the The Sun, Sara’s mother Olga Sharif spoke of her heartbreak and disbelief, adding:”My life will never be the same again. Sara should be with me right now. She was too young.

“Sara was an amazing child.”

Mr Sharif, who was divorced from Sara’s father, who had custody of her, said she had not been permitted to see her daughter for four years, adding: “Now she is dead.

“She’s only a kid. She had done nothing wrong.”

A post-mortem examination was due to be carried out on Sara yesterday, but no cause of death has yet been confirmed.

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Afterwards Ms Sharif is planning to take Sara to Poland to be buried.

She said: “There is nothing I can do that can bring her back to life, so I have to only remember the good times with her now.

“Life is really hard.

“It’s just not fair.”

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