Trooping the Colour: Met Police scramble to remove protesters rushing through parade

Met Police scramble to remove protesters

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Officers scrambled to remove two protesters who gained access to the parade path as a band of guards marched down the Mall. Two people could be seen rushing from the sidelines into the performing soldiers before being tackled to the ground by officers. A third protester could be seen walking ahead of the soldiers holding a sign seemingly reading “release royal land.”

The protesters were then removed to the side of the parade to be handcuffed and removed.

Sky News royal expert Rhiannon Mills said: “Is that a police officer walking into the road?”

Presenter Sarah-Jane Mee also appeared surprised by the incursion: “Yeah, we seem to have a couple of people interrupting.”

And commentator Alistair Bruce clarified: “Demonstrators there, I think. I think the police would be very worried about the soldiers in this situation.

“We’ve got to remember it’s an interesting time in the world and people who are in a democracy are encouraged to come out to enjoy this, or express their views.

“But we do know that the security here will be concerned about making sure the soldiers are safe.”


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