'Trucks were coming, bikes were swerving' – Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick rescues swan on busy Dublin street

It was a case of right place, right time for one Dublin swan today when Channel 4’s The Supervet Professor Noel Fitzpatrick happened across the bird in a bit of bother. 

The swan had landed in the middle of traffic on the main Donnybrook road when Noel was en route to RTÉ for an interview with Ray D’Arcy on Radio One this afternoon. 

The swan had managed to ruffle a few feathers with his unfortunate landing spot in front of a taxi, causing a motorcyclist and truck drivers to swerve in order to avoid crossing over the bird. 

Arriving in the RTÉ studio a little wet after his rescue mission in the rain, Noel explained he had wrapped the bewildered animal in his tweed jacket. 

Coincidentally, the hero of his new book ‘Becoming the Supervet’ is known as ‘Vetman’ and Noel joked he had personified the character in the few minutes it took to help out his feathered friend. 

He said he had also once crashed his bike on the same road and that he felt for the swan’s plight. 

“We were rushing from Grafton Street down here and crossed the canal, and a swan just mistook the road for the canal because it is blizzarding rain down there and just landed on the road right in front of a taxi cab,” Noel told Ray on air. 

“Trucks were coming, bikes were swerving, and I was like, ‘Pull the car over I need to put my red [superhero] pants on, nah no time for the pants on the outside of the trousers – Vetman jumped out of the car.” 

“Fortunately I had a lovely tweed jacket on that I had just done a television interview in so that was perfect for getting the swan safely under it and run him back to the canal and release him.”

Luckily the swan hadn’t injured himself – or any motorists – but Noel said it had been a close call. 

“The motorbike that had swerved was unbelievably close and a taxi cab that had swerved from out behind another car – you’re not going to expect there is a swan in the middle of the Donnybrook road.” 

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