‘TWO hours to get the bags off the plane!’ Nick Ferrari erupts at airlines

Nick Ferrari slams the running of Heathrow Airport

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Nick Ferrari hit out in fury at the airlines after he once waited for a staggering two hours to get his bags back at Heathrow airport. Mr Ferrari was reacting to news of passengers flying with British Airways having to wait for up to four hours at Heathrow Airport to get their luggage back on Saunday. The LBC host noted his own journey from Madrid to London lasted two hours and he questioned what things will look like once the airlines operate at full capacity again.

And as a result, more chaos could ensure as Nick Ferrari was highly critical of the travel companies.

He said: “If this is Heathrow now what the hell is gonna happen now when they get back to full capacity?

“Only recently, I managed to come back 800 miles from the South of France and the last 100 yards had to be done by bus at Heathrow because they couldn’t get one of those jetties out.

“A brilliant pilot from Iberia managed to land on Friday in an extraordinary gale.

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“It then takes them two hours to get the bags off the plane.

“That is how long it took to fly from Madrid.”

He continued: “The amount of time it took me to fly from Madrid to London is how long it took them to get the bags 500 yards from the plane.

“And this is when they are not even running at full capacity! Who is in charge?”

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With all COVID-19 restrictions coming to an end and Boris Johnson today unveiling his “living with Covid plan”, the aviation industry is expected to boom again.

The Prime Minister said on Monday that it is s time to move on from the damaging restrictions as they take a “heavy toll” from a financial, social, and mental viewpoint.

“Covid will not suddenly disappear so those who would wait for a total end to this war before lifting the remaining regulations would be restricting the liberties of the British people for a long time to come”, Mr Johnson said.

“This Government does not believe that this is right or necessary. Restrictions pose a heavy toll on our economy, our society, our mental well-being, and on the life chances of our children, and we do not need to pay that heavy cost any longer.”


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London has seen a surge in tourism as more and more European and American travelers are returning to the capital since the self-isolation requirements were scrapped for fully-vaccinated people on February 11.

Two weeks ago Mayor of London Sadiq Khan set out a new plan in a bid to attract tourists back to London.

He said: “In parts of outer and inner London, things are pretty good. There has been a good recovery.

“During the pandemic because people were working from home, those local economies have done well

“The real crisis in our city is in the central activities zone – the centre of our city, the City of London, Westminster, Camden, Kensington and Chelsea, the South Bank, Canary Wharf.

“The first thing we have got to do is get international tourists back.

“We have got a big campaign – Let’s Do London – which has encouraged many tourists from around the country to come back, and now we are working on our campaign for North America.

“The three target audiences that will really help the centre of our city are North America (USA and Canada), France and Germany.”

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