UK council planning ‘Amazon wish list’ to meet ‘specific needs’ of Afghan refugees

GB News: Fiery clash over councils taking in Afghan refugees

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Oxfordshire County Council has suggested the idea to enable local residents to support those who have fled the Taliban. A number of vulnerable people are currently staying in temporary accommodation in the county after arriving on rescue planes from Kabul airport.

The leader of Oxfordshire County Council, Liz Leffman, praised the generosity already shown towards Afghan refugees by local residents and said no further donations were required at present.

But, Councillor Leffman said there may come a time where certain items are urgently needed as refugees adapt to life in Britain.

She noted the council may one day require “very specific items” and insisted an “Amazon wishlist would be an ideal way to get a message through”.

The Council leader said: “As we’ve said before the people of Oxfordshire have been incredibly generous in their response and many of the items they donated during August have been put to good use with the people who have arrived in our county.

“We are now at a stage where we don’t need further donations of items.

“However there may be occasions in future when we need very specific items to meet specific needs as families go through the very gradual process of adapting to their new surroundings away from their home country.

“We thought an Amazon wish list would be an ideal way to get a message through to our kind-hearted residents if and when we need specific items quickly.”

Councillor Leffman explained the arrivals from Afghanistan were being housed in unspecified locations and stressed they need “time, space and peace” to adapt to the UK.

She also acknowledged there are limitations in how people could offer support – but reiterated the wish list would be one of the best ways to do so.

Councillor Leffman added: “As we’ve said before we are very limited in the extent to which we can give a commentary on the process we are going through with the refugees because we don’t want to reveal the locations at which they are being homed.

“They have been through a traumatic experience and they are now in an entirely new country. They will need to adjust and we need to give them the time, space and peace to do so.

“As councils, we have the same safeguarding responsibilities to these new residents that we have to people who are in the care of our adult and children’s social care teams.

“However in delivering that care to the refugees there may be moments when the wider public can provide real assistance – and that’s where the wish list will come in very useful.”

The UK has resettled thousands of Afghans through the established Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy.


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The UK will welcome 20,000 people through the scheme over the next few years.

On Thursday, more Britons escaped from Afghanistan on an international flight, marking the first large-scale evacuation since British and US-led coalition forces left the country on August 31.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said 13 Britons were among around 200 foreigners able to leave Afghanistan on a Qatar Airways flight to Doha.
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