UK heatwave warning: Boris calls Cobra meeting as national emergency could be imminent

Weather: Expert warns of 'longest heatwave in 50 years

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It warned this will lead to “widespread impacts on people and infrastructure”.

The weather service said disruption will include “population-wide adverse health effects”, delays on roads and cancellations of rail and air travel.

Temperatures could reach up to – if not above – 35 degrees Celsius, particular in the southeast, according to forecasts.

The UKHSA said a “level 4 national emergency” is announced “following considerations of a cross-government assessment of the weather conditions, coordinated by the Civil Contingencies Secretariat”.

Writing in the Telegraph, Philip Johnston said the Government’s response “borders on hysteria”.

A “level 4 emergency” could see schools closed in some cases, with the UKHSA noting: “Some schools have had to close classrooms where conditions are too hot.”

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Mr Johnston asked: “Why the panic? It is not as if we are facing anything on par with the long, hot summer of 1976 when for 15 consecutive days… temperatures reached 32 degrees somewhere in England…

“When I was young and the weather was hot, lessons were held outside. Now, just the prospect of one or two very hot days is enough to set off a nervous breakdown.”

More to follow.

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