UK weather: Britain to witness patchy rain and fog as mercury plunges to -5C

UK weather: Met Office forecasts increasing winds

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The week will witness gusty winds and rainy outbreaks, focusing primarily upon the west and north of Scotland. Weather experts believe that strong anticyclone will become dominant as it builds from south to north over the UK as the weekend approaches.

James Andrews, meteorologist, Accuweather told “From Thursday through Sunday, the strong anticyclone will become dominant as it builds from south to north over the UK.

“Rainy outbreaks will even pause in the northwest of Scotland.

Under the anticyclone from Thursday, daytimes will trend colder in most of the UK, especially England.

“Rather, low cloud and fog may be far-reaching and stubbornly persistent across wide swathes of the country.”

The Met Office on Monday issued an advisory warning for commuters while travelling in the fog.

The UK’s national weather service tweeted: “With a mixture of low cloud and fog patches for some tonight and Tuesday morning Poor driving conditions are likely in places.”

Meteorologists have predicted drier weather conditions for the week as the maximum temperature hovers around 13C.

Mr Andrews said: “The warmest weather will happen Tuesday to Thursday with highs to at least 13-14C in lowland Wales and the southern half of England.

“The coldest night-time weather may happen Tuesday night in the highlands of Scotland, where lows to about -5C can be registered.

“For most of the UK, low cloud and fog will limit nighttime frosts right through the week.”

According to the Met Office, this is the most “settled” weather in comparison to the previous two years.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna told “If we compare it with the last years, the weather forecast this year is the most settled.

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“In 2020, the weather this time was mild wet and windy, which was quite in contrast with the current weather.

“On the other hand, the weather in 2019 at this time of the year was quite unsettling.”

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