UK weather forecast: Cold snap to continue into Halloween

Saturday and Sunday have seen some of the coldest temperatures in months – and it has been so chilly in parts of the country that snow has fallen, with the white stuff making an appearance in Scotland and the North East.

While it should warm up ever so slightly by the time the witching hour comes into view, trick or treaters and Halloween party-goers on Wednesday are advised that they might want a thick coat or a jumper to complement their outfits.

Met Office meteorologist John West said: “At the moment, we have got some some quite cold crisp weather with plenty of sunshine about. As we get to midweek, it is going to to be increasingly unsettled.

“It will be likely less cold by Wednesday but by no means warm. If anybody is going to be out and about on Wednesday it might be a good idea to have a coat handy and maybe also a waterproof.”

Sky News weather presenter Isobel Lang is forecasting widespread frost in central areas on Sunday night, with a few showers to be found along North Sea coastal counties.

And while Monday will be mainly dry and sunny, there will be some rain around near eastern coasts and it will be cold again for all, with a frosty start for many.

It should turn wet and windy across eastern areas on Tuesday, with snow possible across Scottish hills.

By Thursday morning, temperatures are expected to be around freezing for Scotland, between 4-5C (39F-41F) in London, and there may be a touch of frost in the North West with temperatures of around 2-3C (36F-37F).

Perhaps the perfect excuse to stay indoors and make a start on that horror films box-set.

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