UK Weather: ‘Rollercoaster ride ahead!’ Thursday to be ‘WARMEST day’ of the week

UK weather: Met Office forecasts cloud and low temperatures

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The maximum temperature in Southern areas of Wales and England could see 13C to 14C on Thursday, meteorologists revealed. While the week may start on a chilly note, the mercury levels are likely to go up high as the weekend approaches.

However, the forecast for the weekend hints at patchy rain along with chances of snow on Friday and Saturday in certain areas of Scotland.

Jim Andrews, a meteorologist, told “Temperature-wise, UK weather is going to be on a bit of a rollercoaster ride this week.

“A chilly cyclone will slowly bow out on Tuesday and Wednesday, allowing the leading edge of a sprawling Atlantic depression to spread cloud and some rain eastward.

“This shift to wet will begin on Wednesday in Northern Ireland and western Scotland, then elsewhere on Wednesday night and Thursday.

“This shift to wet will also be marked by warming such that Thursday is likely to be the warmest day of the week for the UK as a whole.

“Southern areas of Wales and England could see 13C to 14C at this time.”

Sharing the week’s prediction, the Met office also announced while the weather is going to be colder on Tuesday, the remaining week will turn “unsettling”.

In a statement, the Met office said: “Although the early part of the week will remain settled with high pressure in charge, more changeable weather will move in from Wednesday.

“As the area of high pressure retreats to continental Europe, milder air and more unsettled weather will move in across the UK from the southwest.”

Christmas Eve through Boxing Day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) may witness further rainy outbreaks.

Mr Andrews said: “During this period, colder air will work its way southward, beginning on Friday in Scotland, spreading to other areas from Saturday.

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“It is possible that some residents see snow during this period. It is too early to say whether any will lead to commuter troubles.”

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