Ukraine ‘will never forget and always love’ UK for support in war

Ukraine ‘will become a member of NATO’ says Jens Stoltenberg

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Ukraine will “forever remember and love” the UK for the military support provided to help the country fight Russia, a Ukrainian MP tells Sviatoslav Yurash, Ukraine’s youngest parliamentarian, tells that leaders around the world cannot accept Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

He said: “I’m very glad to see all parts of the political spectrum in the UK being very clear about Ukraine. The aggressive wars that Russia wants to reignite in this century are not to be accepted.

“The key support that Britain provided even before the war has helped us immensely. We will forever remember that and love you for it.”

The UK provided Ukraine with military aid worth £2.3billion in 2022, and has committed to providing a similar level of support in 2023.

This would total £4.6billion over two years.

Included in this have been anti-tank missiles, rockets, defence systems, weapons, ammunition tanks, and training for Ukrainian soldiers.

But Mr Yurash is urging Western leaders to provide more support, including in the form of fighter jets.

He added: “Every step of the way, hesitancy has been the problem. As far as the jets are concerned, we have seen leaders like Rishi Sunak giving signs that this is a conversation that will move forward and succeed eventually.

“The concern of escalation…Putin has threatened Ukraine every step of the way. Putin is not to be trusted, he is a liar and has been all the way through.”

Former prime ministers Liz Truss and Boris Johnson urged Prime Minister Sunak to supply fighter jets to Ukraine.

Last month, Mr Johnson said: “We must give the Ukrainians what they need to win this war, this year.

“By ensuring that Ukraine wins and that Putin fails we are making the best and the most financially efficient investment in the long-term security, not just of the euro-Atlantic area, but of the whole world.”

Ms Truss also said in the House of Commmons: “We have built up now an alliance of countries supplying those weapons and I can’t wait to see the tanks, and I can’t wait to see the fighter jets in Ukraine to help those brave Ukrainians.

“We need to do all we can to make sure Ukraine wins this war as soon as possible.

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“Every extra day, a life lost, women violated, towns destroyed, we need to do all we can, as fast as we can.

“My view is that does include fighter jets and we have had a discussion today about which are the best possible options… having spoken to the Ukrainians about this, months and months ago, I know what they want is an option.”

On fighter jets, Mr Yurash added: “I don’t know how many more Ukrainians Russia has to kill to convince western leaders to take another step. Every single time the same story happens. Russia does something horrible, then the West takes thr step that was impossible just weeks before.

“Our point is simple. Make the decision early to that fewer Ukrainians die.”

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