UK’s worst bollard sees police car stuck on it

A traffic-calming bollard is causing mayhem at a busy London junction after a police car got stuck on it. The bell bollard, intended to stop drivers nipping onto pavements, has ensnared at least 15 vehicles in the past few months as they try to turn left in Crouch End, north London. The unfortunate street furniture has been nicknamed the UK’s costliest bollard by frustrated drivers, who have had to shell out thousands in recoveries and repairs after getting stuck.

A police car was upended and became stuck on it recently.

One resident told Mailonline: “It just keeps happening – cars, lorries, even a police van – they don’t see it, driver over it and then get stuck.

“It has to be the costliest bollard in the world the damage it’s caused.”

The unique bell bollard design means that no matter how big or heavy the vehicle, if it was to begin mounting the pavement the wheels of the vehicle would be deflected away from the pathway and back onto the road.

Following a recent crash, diesel from a lorry ended up spilling on the road and a fire engine had to be called to help with the clean-up operation.

A local driver, who knows the junction well, said: “Cutting corners is not acceptable but something needs to be done to improve the visibility of the bollard or the council should consider adding some railings to the corner.”

A Facebook post that went up on a local group shows a vehicle that has driven over the dangerous bollard and ended up stuck. The post reads: ‘Oops. Another one impaled while trying to cut the corner….’

In response, Graham Pike wrote: “This is a stupid tale that keeps reoccurring. Use a proper 3ft iron post and drivers won’t make the mistake because they can see it! Furthermore, there won’t be an hour or two obstruction before the vehicle is removed.

“What’s the point in a spiteful narrative against the, albeit, poor driver. Sort it out with a sensible solution that works.”

Haringey Council has been contacted for comment.

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