‘Under contract to deliver’ Harry backed into corner as hands tied over mega-Netflix deal

Prince Harry 'has lost all sense of service and duty' says Robinson

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Despite not returning to the UK for the memorial service for Harry’s grandfather Prince Philip, it was confirmed on Monday that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the first couple of days of the Invictus Games competition taking place in the Netherlands. The couple are expected to be followed by a Netflix documentary crew throughout the Games.

Cele Otnes, a professor of marketing specialising in how the Royal Family brands themselves claimed the couple are likely attending as an obligation to their deal with Netflix as the pair rely on work like this after cutting ties with the Firm.

She adds that their film crew would likely not have been a welcome addition to Philip’s Service of Thanksgiving.

Professor Otnes, co-author of “Royal Fever”, told Express.co.uk that Harry’s decision to skip the memorial service “didn’t do him any favours”.

Ms Otnes told Express.co.uk: “I think that Harry skipping the memorial service certainly didn’t do him any favours with the royal watchers in the UK.

“I don’t think anyone expected Meghan to attend, given her comments about the way she perceives she was treated, that she made during the interview with Oprah.

“I don’t know if I’d say ‘work above family’ but clearly, Harry and Meghan are under contract to deliver content for Netflix and probably feel the need to do so at the Invictus games.

“I doubt the Netflix crew would have been welcome at Philip’s memorial.”

After quitting royal duties back in 2020, the royal couple have pursued a number of commercial opportunities in a bid to be “financially independent” from the Firm.

One such opportunity saw Meghan and Harry sign a deal with Netflix which sees them create content that “informs but also gives hope”, according to a statement released by the pair in September 2020.

While the exact details of the deal have not been disclosed several reports have suggested it could be worth in excess of $100million (£72million).

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their deal almost two years ago but they are yet to produce any content for the platform.

One of the projects announced by the pair was a docuseries about competitors involved in The Invictus Games, which take place from 16 to 22 April this year.

Prince Harry is expected to appear on camera and be the executive producer for the series, called Heart of Invictus.

The couple are also developing a new family-oriented animated show for Netflix with the Duchess of Sussex as a producer.

The show, currently operating under the working title Pearl, is focused on a 12-year-old-girl who is inspired by the stories of influential women in history.

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Megan Casey, Director of Original Animation at Netflix, described the show as “an exciting tale that weaves together fantasy and history”.

She adds: “Pearl focuses on a young girl who learns to step into her own power when she embarks on a heroic adventure and meets important women from history along the way.”

A service of Thanksgiving honouring the life of the late Duke of Edinburgh was held at Westminster Abbey at the end of March.

The event was attended by a 1,800-strong congregation who paid homage to the Queen’s husband who died last April aged 99.

The occasion was the first large-scale public event the monarch, 95, has attended outside of palace walls since last October.

Members of the Royal Family, politicians, friends of the Duke and representatives of his numerous patronages and charity affiliations were in attendance alongside 27 members of international royalty who jetted in from around the globe.

Despite returning for his grandfather’s funeral service last April, Prince Harry was the only member of the British Royal Family who did not attend the memorial.

It is thought his absence is due to his ongoing row with the Home Office over security.

The Prince was criticised by royal watchers, and the public outside the Abbey expressed their disgust at his absence.

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