Urgent warning to avoid alcohol, tea, and coffee as UK temperature rockets

People living in the UK have been urged to avoid alcohol, tea, and coffee during the heatwave as temperatures rocket to 32C.

Drinks such as tea or coffee can act as diuretics and cause dehydration, increasing the impact of the searing heat on the body.

The warnings come as the UK is witnessing an autumn heatwave which has seen temperatures rise above 30C for the first time since June.

Officials have issued key health advice to make sure they don’t suffer in the heat.

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Alongside avoiding certain caffeine-laced drinks and alcohol, Sky News urged people to consider taking a break from exercising.

The Met Office advises that people adjust their plans to avoid strenuous activity because exercise makes someone hotter, increasing how much they sweat and making them feel more dehydrated.

Avoiding dehydration is vital during heatwave conditions. It is essential for people to try and keep their body temperature down as much as they can.

The NHS recommends drinking between 1.5 and two litres of water a day to avoid the side effects of dehydration which include feeling confused and lightheaded.

People are advised to wear light clothing which allows heat to evaporate off their body more easily during the warm snap.

Not only should the clothing be light, but its colour can help too with lighter colours helping to reflect the heat rather than absorb it.

After keeping the body cool, reducing the temperature at home is the next priority.

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Leaving windows open all day can lead to indoor temperatures increasing.

Instead, people are advised to open the windows for ventilation when it is cooler outside and close them when the temperature rises.

By closing the windows and drawing the blinds during the hottest hours, rooms can be kept cooler than they would have been if they were open.

These tips could come in handy as the UK approaches Saturday, predicted to be the hottest day of the year.

According to the Met Office, temperatures could rise to as high as 33C in London.

Forecasters said: “Temperatures will remain very high for much of the UK over the next few days, likely peaking during the period Wednesday to Saturday with 32 to 33C likely across parts of the south and southeast, though there’s an increasing signal for a thundery breakdown for some.

“There’s a chance the highest temperature of the year so far of 32.2C on 10 June could be exceeded this week, most likely in the southeast where one or two places could see 33C.”

Ahead of the hottest day of the year, UK health officials have upgraded their heat warning from yellow to amber. The heat warning highlights increased risks to people more vulnerable to the heat. The amber heat warning has been put in place until 9pm on Sunday.

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