Valentine’s Day commuters bewildered by £385 train station roses

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Last-minute romantics who left it too late to get their partner a Valentine’s Day gift were being charged hundreds of pounds for a hefty bunch of roses. Shocked commuters spotted eye-watering prices of £200 being charged at a train station for a bunch of around 20 stems, with a larger bouquet costing £375.

Anyone who could not quite afford that amount of cash had the option at the flower stall in Liverpool Street Station, London, to buy a teddy bear with a box of chocolates instead.

It is not known how much that package would set someone back.

The sky-high prices were spotted by a commuter who snapped a picture of the stall yesterday and posted it on the online messaging board Reddit.

So far more almost 300 people have commented on the post with most baffled at why someone would spend that much.

Common_Move joked: “Yeah, by the time they’ve got married he’ll just get the £3.85 bouquet from the local garage.”

Puffpuffpout raised the point that there are much cheaper expensive Valentine’s Day gifts: “I’d not be able to get past our mortgage payment (obviously don’t live in London) being spent on something that would be dead in a week and not leave a lasting memory (that’s a weekend in Morocco flights included, for example, or almost double the price of the tasting menu in the shard – sans drinks and still cheaper with them).”

And Jimbosilverbug said: “My wife complained I spent £25 for a bunch of roses from Lidl. I bought them three days early.”

Sarah0815 gave people some other ideas of how they could spent the same amount of cash, but get more for their money.

She wrote: “As a woman, I feel expensive flowers are a huge waste of money. 200-380£ for flowers is extortionate.

“With the same amount of money you can: enjoy an incredible dinner, get a beautiful gift, get a flight ticket or a hotel stay somewhere, get an experience for both to enjoy, get a yearly swanky ass gym subscription.

“Why waste money on something you’ll throw out in 3 days instead of enjoying it for longer?”

Jctwok was on hand with advice, writing: “For anyone else reading this, please do not ever get your significant other a gym membership for Valentine’s day. It won’t go well.”

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Former florist RosieBloom87 explained to the commenters why a florist would be charging such prices for Valentine’s Day.

They said: “Roses at Valentine’s Day drastically increase in price. You can usually purchase decent ones for roughly £1/£1.20 per stem on a regular day. Now add in the demand.

“These are Grand Prix roses, likely from Colombia too, rather than the tiny headed ones from supermarkets.

“You have to charge the crazy prices to make any kind of profit.”

And Thejamsandwich admired the honesty of the pricing system, saying: “At least the price is up front and clearly displayed.

“Increasing number of places are hiding prices or making pricing needlessly complicated.”

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