VDL mocked after ‘Little Napoleon’ Macron’s ‘humiliation’ – EU ‘trying to be important’

Von der Leyen slams 'unacceptable' treatment of France

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Following the AUKUS deal in which Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States signed a security pact, some Brits have labelled the angry French reaction as “Little Napoleon’s humiliation”. With the French leading the revolt against the agreement, one Express.co.uk reader, Muncher89 suggested Macron would seek to influence the EU Commissioner to seek a legal response.

They said: “Next move will be Macron demanding VDL take the Aussies, the Yanks and the UK to their kangaroo court.”

Don-Juan Trump agreed saying: “I wouldn’t expect anything less from VDL and Macron.”

With the European Union famously known for its say one thing, do another thing attitude, RichOn said: “Haha, the EU ‘head’ says they must talk & then cancel a summit with US [sic] when speaking about the EU trying to stop ‘business as usual’ with the USA.”

Several commentators questioned the notion of the EU’s credibility, in particular with Von der Leyen at the helm.

“VDL, a failed German defence minister who only got to be elected as EU president because there was no one else on the Ballot paper thinks she has some kind of clout with the USA,” said Broken Britain.

Another, ChynaNumber1, said: “Haha the Europeans are pretending to be a country again. What a joke of supposed nations.”

With the Europeans seen as weak and against the ropes following the fall out of the deal, some stated that external influences could soon find a place inside the EU mother-ship headquarters.

“Von der Liar should be replaced by Putin” said Mopojo3, who saw their comment added to by JuniorsDad who said: “Won’t be long before the EU is controlled by Russia anyway.”

It was not just the EU Commission President that was at the receiving end of the opinions.

French President, Emmanuel Macron was also a target.

“Useless Von der Lying needs putting back in her box, and little Macron can go in with her too,” [sic] said Halpilk.

Others attacked Macron more directly.

Workingclass12345 said: “Macron thinks he is smart and crafty, all along backstabbing the UK now bitter and anger, self-inflicted fool…”

With the USA the major player in the deal, many looked back on the G7 summit in Cornwall and mentioned the “hugging” and photos between Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron.

K69tie said: “That photo of Macron fawning all over Biden, has not aged well…”

In typical British fashion, some comments turned to humour to mock the situation.

One reader, Pure, likened the AUKUS deal to buying a car, saying: “Why buy a Citroen C5 when you can buy a Rolls Royce?”

Another, TwitterPass, joked: “At least we know where we can buy a cheap sub.”

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For the vast majority of people, the general consensus was not only one of mockery, and claiming a victory for Brexit Britain, but more a notion of questioning Von der Leyen’s authority.

As corridor diplomacy continues in the hallways of the United Nations Headquarters in New York, many simply ask whom the EU thinks it is, and Elite put it along with so many others: “Who does she think she is.”

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