Vegan activists target restaurant after naked man rides model cow

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Tomahawk Steakhouse in Saltburn, North Yorkshire, had placed a replica life-size model cow to its exterior, ahead of its opening day. People had already begun to complain about the bovine sculpture before the fresh embarrassing images emerged on social media of a naked man riding it.

It is not know whether the man is associated with the restaurant, the Daily Star reports.

Explaining the reason behind the appearance of the plastic cow before the nude rider was spotted, Tomahawk co-founder Howard Eggleston said: “We put those cows around a lot of our venues, it’s a signature thing.

“We were going to put them in the garden, and the garden is getting rebuilt and done at the minute, so the builders literally, as a bit of fun, stuck it on the roof just to keep it out of the way.”

One vegan who was upset about the animal likeness said: “Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Let’s murder animals and pretend they’re happy about it. And – that’s a dairy cow – not a beef cow – which is a double mockery. Yes, I’m vegan. No, I don’t care about trolls.”

While another user added: “Sorry it’s crass and looks hugely out of place but I’m so happy the restaurant is opening.”

Elsewhere others leapt to the defence of the steak restaurant, as one said: “Many loved it on the bus early in the morning; some were taking video and pictures.”

One more philosophically minded Facebook user took a more relaxed view on the whole affair, writing: “Live and let live moo.”

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