Vegan chef found hanged inside his restaurant by his girlfriend

A top plant-based cook killed himself after struggling to deal with the stress of running a restaurant, an inquest has heard.

Antonio Rucco’s girlfriend found him hanged inside his animal-free establishment in Bethnal Green earlier this year.

Libby Coveney said that his restaurant was popular because Antonio, 38, was a ‘very passionate, a kind and welcoming character’.

He had moved from Puglia, southern Italy, to pursue his dream of opening a restaurant in London.

Friends and family had no idea that he was feeling suicidal and he did not leave a note.

When Libby found him he was still alive and he was rushed to hospital on February 12 but died several hours later from ‘catastrophic brain injuries’.

While there were no messages on his phone that suggested he wanted to kill himself, some suggested that he was under great stress from running the business.

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