Video: Impossibly cute bulldog won’t let owner stop stroking her

@dogmomjvd Spoiled puppy ������ #waitforit #dogs #dogmom #doglife #bulldog #englishbulldog #funnydoggy #spoiledrotten #SyncYourMiO ♬ original sound – Lab & Bulldog Mom

English bulldog Stella was not best pleased when her owner went from fussing her one second to neglecting her the next, and she made sure her owner was aware of her displeasure. The amusing video, which came from TikTok user @dogmomjvd, was an instant hit on the app, with almost 70,000 views and over 11,000 likes.

The clip starts with the bulldog having her head rubbed by her owner, who softly pets Stella before pausing for a brief period.

The needy puppy immediately opens her eyes and begins to whine for her owner to continue, a demand which is quickly fulfilled, much to the delight of the puppy.

Stella’s eyes shut and she’s once again at peace, with all her petting needs being met by her owner.

Viewers could clearly relate to the video, with one user commenting: “I love my bulldog’s little gremlin noises. They are all the same!”

Another commenter wrote: “Why are all bulldogs the same?”

A third added: “Well why would you even stop petting that baby?”

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