Vodafone goes down leaving annoyed UK customers without broadband

Vodafone has gone down reportedly leaving thousands of UK customers without access to the internet.

Over 1,000 complaints have been logged on the outage site DownDetector this morning, Thursday, 27th October.

Reports began to appear at 9.15am this morning, with the main problems coming from city hubs like London and Glasgow.

Those affected took to Twitter to air their frustrations.

‘Is there network issues this morning?’ one user wrote. ‘I see DownDetector is reporting lots of issues with Vodafone services this morning, including my own broadband.’

One customer chipped in to suggest Vodafone’s DNS servers were having trouble and offered a potential workaround.

Vodafone has yet to comment officially on the issue, but its social media team were reassuring people last night that there weren’t any outages registering on its network.

Good afternoon 👋 It’s disappointing to hear that your broadband has gone down, as we understand the importance of staying connected. We’d recommend speaking with our Wi-Fi Xperts by calling up on 08080 034 515 so that they can look into this for you. Charlotte

You can check Vodafone’s network service in your area by visiting this link.

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