War fears as Royal Navy scrambles to intercept Russian submarine stalking British vessels

Russia: Crimea militarisation is ‘threat to Europe’ says expert

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War fears soared after Royal Navy helicopters began a search for a Russian vessel that appeared to be stalking HMS Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Navy’s Carrier Strike Group (CSG), the Telegraph reported. The submarine-hunting aircraft were deployed as the British fleet transited the eastern Mediterranean.

The two helicopters used sonobuoys to detect sounds that could lead to the submarine’s whereabouts.

The artifacts are electronic sensors dropped in the sea to localise submerged submarines.

Moscow is known to have previously deployed submarines in the region.

The Russian vessel was reportedly deployed from the Tartus naval base on the Syrian coast

Last month, Russia sparked fears of an open conflict when it deployed a number of missile carriers to monitor the Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth off the country’s coast.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is on a 28-week maiden deployment and was transiting the eastern Mediterranean.

The ship was with two destroyers, two frigates, an Astute class nuclear-powered attack submarine and two support vessels.

Moscow warned it was following the trajectory of the UK vessels and actioned its new Kh-47M2 Kinzhal missile.

The missile is capable of flying at ten times the speed of sound (12,350kph or 7,670mph) and has a range of about 2,000km (1,250miles).

It can be armed with a nuclear warhead.

Russian president Vladimir Putin taunted the missile in 2019 as part of a new generation of weapons.

He claimed Russia was the first nation to deploy a hypersonic weapon.

The missile was being transported by two Mig-31k supersonic fighter jets.

The jets had been delivered to the country’s Khmeimim airbase in Syria’s coastal province of Latakia.

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