War of the Worlds filmed in assembly

The National Assembly for Wales’ debating chamber has been used by TV producers filming an adaptation of War of the Worlds.

The classic story of alien invasion was partly filmed at the Cardiff Bay parliament last weekend.

It comes four years after the assembly refused a James Bond film permission to film.

The assembly gave War of the Worlds the go ahead on condition it did not affect assembly business.

Buildings in the assembly’s estate have been used by TV series in the past, including for the S4C programme Byw Celwydd which dramatises life in the assembly.

News and current affairs programmes have regularly been allowed in the chamber.

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In 2015 a request from the production team behind Spectre to use the Senedd debating chamber, the Siambr, was turned down. The assembly said the chamber was “not a drama studio”.

“We can confirm that we were approached by Urban Myth Films through Sgrin Cymru who are producing a remake of ‘War of the Worlds’ for Fox and Canal+ with the majority of the filming taking place in Wales,” an assembly spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added: “Use of the Siambr in this way is not unprecedented. Following receipt of reassurances from the production company that the exercise would not impact on this week’s business, that it would be cost neutral exercise, and our own risk mitigation assessment, the Llywydd agreed to the request.”  

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