‘We are human!’ Female police officer makes impassioned plea after being assaulted twice

Knife crime: Boris Johnson says ‘more could be done’

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Outspoken PC Rosie Finnis is no stranger to airing her views online. And with her profession repeatedly under fire by woke lefties, the Essex Police officer revealed the daily trials and tribulations she has to endure to keep people safe.

In a tweet posted today, she pleaded for the public to see police officers as human beings.

She wrote: “(I have) been assaulted twice this week and verbally abused beyond belief.

“I think people forget that we are humans under here.

“We have feelings and unfortunately, no matter how thick my skin is, it does get to you. I’m tired.

“Now for two days off before another seven on.”

Her post quickly garnered likes and replies.

One person wrote: “I am with you PC Rosie Finnis. It’s disgraceful how some of the general public forget the wonderful people who work for the wonderful British services.

“(They are) human under (their) uniforms.”

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Another said: “The vast majority know you are human and see only a human wearing a uniform, nothing less.

“Enjoy some rest and relaxation. Look after number one for a change.

“For everyone that gives you grief there are hundreds that appreciate all that you do.”

PC Finnis previously hit the headlines when she slammed a blogger who claimed women in uniform were “unattractive” to men.

American evangelical Lori Alexander said women should instead “stick to being feminine”.

The 60-year-old, from California, said: “I’m not sure how men could be attracted to women dressed as men like female police officers and females in the military.

“These are men’s jobs.

“If they weren’t, then women could dress like women in these jobs but they can’t. Stick to being feminine, women.”

The Essex Police officer took little heed to her remarks and replied saying that it was “one of the most offensive things she’s ever read”.

The police officer then proudly posted a photo of herself posing in her uniform.

She added: “I am confident when I say, there’s not a female police officer that joined the job because the uniform is flattering.

“To minimise the work we do down to a uniform is appalling. I’m not here for men to find attractive.”

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