‘We stand to gain literally nothing!” Aussie host mocks errors in campaign to oust Queen

Queen: Caleb Bond slams push for Australian republic

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Australian republican Peter FitzSimons recently announced his alternative system to replace the Queen with an elected head of state after republicans struggled to agree on a suitable arrangement. The Chair of the Australian Republic Movement suggested each state and territory could shortlist applicants which would then go to a national ballot of 11 people. But Mr Bond ridiculed the proposed system as the head of state would have nearly exactly the same powers as the current Queen except there would now be “costly” elections to pick the person.

Speaking on Sky News Australia, Mr Bond looked at the new republican campaign to remove the Queen as head of state but noted how it made little difference to the political structure of the country.

The head of state would be in the position for five years and would appoint the prime minister on the advice of the House of Representatives.

But the official would have no control over the day-to-day governance of the country nor could they pass laws.

He remarked: “We end up with the exact same system except this one will involve costly elections and we won’t get any of the great excitement and fun from the Royal Family.

“How can this be a great step towards a new Australia, we stand to gain literally nothing.”

Mr Fitzsimons told radio station 3AW that people should “look to your children” and see them potentially becoming the next head of state.

But Mr Bond scoffed at the suggestion, arguing no one wanted to be a “figurehead” without the ceremony of the role.

He said: “Now if the head of state is going to have no more power than the Governor-General right now, then what is there to actually aspire to?

“I mean, what kid grows up saying, mommy, I want to be a figurehead.

“You know, one day I want to be in a job where I’m largely useless and my main purpose is to go to events I have no interest in and shake hands.

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“They could already aspire to be the Governor-General if they want to do that.

“Mr FitzSimons, then went on… to claim that there would be some buzz around this head of state that doesn’t exist around the Governor-General, but I’m sorry, that is just pure rubbish.

“We’ve already established that this role is basically no different, so why would the reaction be any different?”

Mr Bond said the decision did matter to the Royal Family and fans of the institution because hundred of people line the streets to see them when they visit.

The Sky News presenter said the same level of excitement would not be had with an elected head of state before saying: “There is zero material benefit to Australia in becoming a republic.

“All it would do is blow a big hole in the country’s wallet.”

Mr Fitzsimons spoke to people to get their republic opinions and said the suggestions were based on their feedback.

He said: “We’ve consulted, we’ve listened closely and Australians have told us this approach will give our nation the best chance of success at a referendum, with an overwhelming majority of Australians likely to have the change.

“This will give all Australian voters a merit-based choice about who speaks for them as head of state. The decision will be in their hands, unlike now, where it is luck of the draw who we get from the British Royal Family.”

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