‘We’ve got a living crisis here!’ Heappey grilled over UK sending aid to Ukraine

James Heappey defends sending money to Ukraine on GB News

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James Heappey, Under-Secretary of State for the Armed Forces defended the UK Government’s decision to support Ukraine. Mr Heappey claimed the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces was a direct security threat to European countries. The war in Ukraine has been raging for two months now, and peace talks have been underway between the two neighbouring countries, but there still has been no signed agreement to end the ongoing battle. Mr Heappey also explained that it understood that the cost of living is now one of Britain’s top priorities but claimed it was important to help Ukraine as freedom was at stake.

Mr Holmes said: “We got a cost of living crisis here, we’ve got an energy crisis here.

“We’ve got a living wage crisis here, why can’t you spend that money back at home?

“It’s creeping in, it’s growing a bit more, what would you say to people who are saying spend it on us, not on Ukraine?”

Mr Heappey told GB News: “I would say that I understand their concerns and I think that there is no doubt that the top priority right now for British people is the cost of living.

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Mr Heappey added: “And the way that their monthly bills are getting bigger and the challenges that creates.

“What I’d say though is that what price is freedom, and it is the way that Putin’s Russia over the last 20 years has become ever more belligerent in the Euro-Atlantic.

“Has leveraged its energy supplies to achieve geopolitical effect in Europe.

“Are things that at some point the West was going to need to draw a line and say enough is enough, we need to reverse our energy dependency that’s not inexpensive.

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Mr Heappey added: “We need to stand up for a rules-based international system within the Europe-Atlantic.

“That’s not inexpensive, the consequence of doing that is that we can get to a place where I think we can live in a much safer more stable and less dependent Europe.

“And I think that that is a good thing, now I hope that your viewers agree I appreciate that when you’re looking at bills that you’re struggling to afford that’s rather…

“Your instinct is to say you we just can’t afford it but I think we have to.

“Because what is at stake is yes the freedom of a sovereign country, but so too 20, 30 years of security threat within the Europe-Atlantic that is a direct challenge to our security.”

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The Express spoke to charities and food banks in the UK to see how they have been coping with the increased strain on the cost of living.

as many Brits turn to local food banks in order to be able to eat, as they cannot afford their weekly trip to the supermarkets.

Ms Goodwin, the coordinator of IFAN, said: “Foodbanks in our network are facing an impossible situation.

“They are struggling to support more and more people unable to afford food while their capacity is reduced due to lack of donations and volunteers.

“The answer is clearly not unsustainable charitable food aid provision but to ensure people have enough income to survive through adequate social security payments, wages and job security.

“We’re urging the Government to address the UK’s deepening poverty crisis and to stop hunger from happening in the first place.”

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