What do we know so far about Apple's VR headset?

We’re fast approaching Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next month and the company’s VR headset is on everyone’s mind.

In the midst of speculation about the iPhone maker’s VR device, the original designer of Meta’s Oculus VR headset, Palmer Luckey, tweeted that Apple’s headset was ‘so good’.

Luckey, a billionaire who cofounded Oculus VR in 2012 and now leads defense-tech startup Anduril, made the claim in a tweet on Sunday, suggesting he had tried out the device.

Apple’s mixed-reality headset rumored to be named ‘Reality Pro’ or ‘Reality One’ is likely to finally make an appearance in June after nearly seven years of development.

Here’s what we can expect:

Two chips better than one

According to trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s mixed reality headset will have two chips. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has predicted that one chip will be similar to the company’s existing M2 chip while the other will be a less powerful one.

4K micro-OLED display

Made with technology exclusive to Sony, this could make it similar to the gaming giant’s PSVR2 which users have raved about since getting their hands on them this year.

Goggle-like headset

Unlike current VR headsets available in the market, Apple’s might differ in design significantly. Predictions point to the new headset resembling a pair of futuristic looking goggles.

12 Cameras   

Kuo said that the mixed reality headset would feature 12 cameras which points to superior VR and AR tracking for both inside and outside the headset.

External power supply

To overcome worries about overheating and bulkiness, the new headset reportedly features an iPhone-sized external battery. According to Gurman, the power cable will have a round tip that magnetically attaches to Apple’s headset.

Heavy price tag

Packed with all this cool tech, the headset is expected to cost an eye-watering $3,000. So, Apple might not be selling the headset as a potential Christmas present, aiming it instead at developers, content creators and professionals.

Still, all this is still speculation till Apple confirms. So, we’ll have to wait for June 5 to know more.

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