What time does post arrive on bank holidays?

Queen’s Gold State Coach seen during Jubilee rehearsals

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The incoming four-day Jubilee bank holiday is the second in as many months and treats people to days’ worth of events celebrating Queen Elizabeth II. Most people should receive the days off work, meaning some offices and services will close while others operate on reduced hours. Many already have clarified bank holiday hours, but the unusual weekend may leave some Britons confused.

What time does post arrive on bank holidays?

While some shops have nebulous bank holiday timetables, postal services keep theirs straightforward.

People who need to collect post or send a letter should act as soon as possible.

The Royal Mail and its counterparts will act as they do on a Sunday over this week’s bank holidays.

Per tradition, the Royal Mail plans to cease all deliveries over the spring and Platinum Jubilee bank holidays on June 2 and 3.

Britons living in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland cannot receive or collect mail over those two days and will have to wait until Saturday, June 3.

But the Royal Mail site advised people to check with their local branch for precise opening times.

Branches offer more than post-related services, and people may find they need to visit a location for a range of other reasons.

People will want to plan before using post offices for one of the following services:

  • Mail
  • Passport applications and renewal
  • Licence applications (SIA and taxi)
  • Home Office Services
  • Identity Services
  • DBS Services
  • Driving (DVLA photocard renewal, vehicle tax and international driving permits)
  • Travel (foreign currency and travel insurance)
  • Finances (MoneyGram, savings application forms and ATMs)
  • National Lottery services

Will packages be delivered over the bank holiday?

While the Royal Mail handles most deliveries, it is just one of many services in the UK that delivers packages.

Other popular delivery companies include Parcelforce, DPD, FedEx, Hermes and more.

They may run on varying schedules depending on the item’s country of origin.

Unfortunately for those expecting a Jubilee delivery, most will follow the same schedule as the Royal Mail.

The country’s largest delivery companies have all announced they will not deliver over the spring and Jubilee bank holidays.

People should double-check with their suppliers’ hours ahead of delivery.

Most suppliers will resume their usual deliveries on Saturday, June 3.

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