What will happen to the Queen’s engagement ring?

Queen Elizabeth II: BBC Radio announces death of monarch

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Queen Elizabeth II’s engagement ring was a diamond ring set in platinum. It featured a large centre stone, flanked with more diamonds. It was reportedly made using stones from his mother’s tiara. Will the Queen be buried in her engagement ring?

In short, it is unlikely. Most royals have chosen to pass on their engagement rings on after their death.

It is common for most people to choose to do this for a few reasons.

Mainly, it is because the gems are valuable and most choose to leave their valuables to their families to help them financially.

Secondly, some like to leave their rings as heirlooms, to be given as engagement rings again in some cases.

The Queen Mother left her engagement ring, considered to be one of the most valuable royal rings of all time, to her family.

Prince Charles used it to propose to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who now wears the large art deco sparkler.

Diana, Princess of Wales’s jewellery, including her sapphire engagement ring, was left to her sons and Prince William proposed to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, with it.

Perhaps one of the Queen’s many great-grandchildren will be able to use it as an engagement ring, maybe Prince William’s children, George, Charlotte, or Louis.

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The Queen is likely to be buried in minimal jewellery. Most of her most precious and expensive jewellery actually belongs to the Crown.

She may choose to be buried with her wedding band, a simple Welsh gold band, a tradition which is more common.

One royal was famously buried in her engagement ring.

Queen Victoria was buried in her ring, an 18-carat gold ring in the shape of a snake.

It had rubies for eyes, diamonds for the mouth and an emerald in the centre of the head.

Prince Albert is thought to have designed the ring.

While some royal rings are kept in the family, others are not.

Wallis Simpson emerald and diamonds engagement ring from Prince Edward sold at auction a year after her death for £1,312,757.

In today’s money, this equates to around £3.8million.

It is not known who owns the historic ring today.

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