WhatsApp will let you save disappearing messages – but only if the sender agrees

WhatsApp will let users save disappearing messages but only if the sender agrees.

The new ‘Keep in Chat’ feature will let users hang on to texts want to save for later.

In 2020, the messaging service owned by Meta, introduced self-destructing messages to add an extra layer of security for users.

With this feature any messages designated to self-destruct would only be visible in chats for seven days. Very handy if you don’t want your comments to hang around forever.

While this extra layer of privacy protects messages from falling into the wrong hands, sometimes there’s some messages or voice notes you don’t want to lose. That’s where the new feature comes in.

Still, it will be upto the sender to decide if a message can be saved, so you can’t save a message without the sender’s permission.

The sender will be notified when someone keeps a message and will  have the ability to veto the decision.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg announced the new WhatsApp feature in a Facebook post.

‘If you’ve decided your message can’t be kept by others, your decision is final, no one else can keep it and the message will be deleted when the timer expires. This way you have the final say on how messages you send are protected,’ said WhatsApp in a statement.

‘We believe if you’ve sent the message, it’s your choice whether others in the chat can keep it for later.’

Messages you’ve saved on your WhatsApp will be noted with a bookmark icon and you can see these messages, organized by chat, in the Kept Messages folder.

WhatsApp said that the new feature would roll out globally over the next few weeks.

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