When you will have to self isolate as rules change for double jabbed from today

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Most adults have now received both Covid vaccinations – roughly 75 percent, according to recent data. But, until now, this has failed to impact many of the UK’s remaining Covid rules. As of today, people can follow self-isolation rules adjusted to their vaccination status.

The changes come after Health Secretary Sajid Javid has promised to reform the UK’s remaining Covid policies and solve the “pingdemic”.

Tens of thousands of people have received “pings” from the NHS Covid app regardless of rules or vaccination status.

They then had to isolate for ten days, causing fury and personnel shortages across the country – leaving supermarkets bare and forcing swathes of cancellations on public transport.

The Government’s revamped self-isolation plan will allow some people to ignore the NHS prompts.

Who needs to self isolate?

From today, the fully vaccinated and under-18s can sidestep app pings.

Double-dosed people must wait two weeks for their immunity to kick in before the guidance applies to them, however.

They will receive alternative advice when contacted by the NHS app.

The app will advise them to take a PCR test, and they do not have to self-isolate while they await their result.

Those who can’t comply with this replacement guidance don’t have to, as it isn’t compulsory.

If I test positive who has to self-isolate?

From now, compulsory isolation will only apply to people experiencing Covid symptoms.

Government advice states symptomatic people should both isolate and order a PCR test.

As before, the Government has locked its self-isolation period in at ten days.

Anyone who tests positive must still self-isolate by Government policy.

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Do I have to self isolate if I live with someone who has Covid?

If you have been double jabbed or are under the age of 18, you will not need to self isolate as long as you do not have symptoms.

What do I do if I’ve been exposed to someone who tested positive for covid-19?

Although the rules won’t apply to those without a confirmed infection, officials have asked them to take care.

Vaccinated people can still contract Covid and spread it onwards.

They should continue to take precautions such as wearing masks and social distancing after they receive a ping.

The latest changes apply solely to England, but Wales introduced a similar policy of its own first.

From August 7, contact tracers started advising people on ways to stay safe and protect themselves instead of asking them to self-isolate.

Scotland has also adopted similar rules and allows people to sidestep self-isolation provided they are symptomatic and test negative after a PCR test.

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