‘Where is Harry?’ Prince expected to ‘have his own podcast’ after book release

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Prince Harry can be heard briefly stepping into to Meghan Markle’s Archetypes podcast with guest Serena Williams. The Duke of Sussex popped in to compliment the tennis star’s hair describing it as a “vibe” before leaving. The Daily Mail’s Richard Eden questioned why Harry was not present for the podcast after the royal couple appeared together on a teaser for Archewell audio at the end of 2021.

Speaking to Palace Confidential on Mailplus, Mr Eden said: “Where is Harry? When we heard the first teaser episode of the podcast, the idea was clearly that they would be interviewing people as a couple.

“Instead we’ve got a whole series that Meghan’s doing.

“Will Harry be doing one later on his own or has he been sort of thrown overboard completely?”

Royal expert Richard Kay added: “I think we’ll see Harry certainly when his book comes out, if it comes out.

“I should think he will devote an entire podcast to that.”

But the prince could “wind down” the potential royal attacks in his memoir.

Harry, who will cover his lifetime in the public eye, including his time in the military, marriage, and fatherhood, might “re-adjust” his book, according to Mr Kay.

He told rue Royalty TV’s Royal Beat: “The book was completed, we believe, in about January being Harry’s part of it, the interviews.

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“That was really when Harry was at peak rage if you like, with Britain, the Royal Family, siblings.

“Since then there has been a measure of rapprochement.

“We saw it at the Jubilee. There was a bit on an attempt by Harry to sort of wind it down a bit.


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“He may want to re-adjust what he’s written. All these things must be going through his mind.”

Royal expert Angela Levin has predicted that he could discuss family rows or royal security.

Speaking to Palace Confidential on Mailplus, Ms Levin said: “It’s washing dirty linen in public and it can be small things.

“He’s supposed to be getting about £13million.

“They want a story and they won’t want how lovely everything is because that’s not going to work.

“I think that it could be a small argument between people that he would blow up or it could be revealing secrets about security.”

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