Who is London mayor candidate Shaun Bailey and what are his key policies?

People across Britain will be going to the polls on May 6 to vote in their local elections.

For people in London, that will include voting on borough-specific candidates and referenda, but also electing a Mayor of London.

Sadiq Khan has been mayor since 2016, and is one of the candidates running for election again.

One of his opponents is Conservative Mayor of London candidate and Member of the London Assembly Shaun Bailey.

Here we look at some of the key pledges in Bailey’s 56-page manifesto, outlining his policies on areas such as the economy, the environment, transport, crime, housing and transport.

Shaun Bailey manifesto: what are some of the key pledges?

On Crime

Bailey has centred crime in London throughout his campaign, and one of his boldest pledges is to cut crime rates in 100 days if elected mayor.

To achieve this, he has stated his intention of hiring 8,000 more police officers and reopening 38 recently closed police stations.

To do this, he has claimed he will be able to get the funding required – thought to run into the hundreds of millions – from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Bailey has also pledged to increase stop and search operations, use infrared scanning technology to detect people carrying knives and increase around-the-clock police patrols across the Tube network.

Other notable pledges include:

  • Tougher mandatory sentences for knife and acid possession
  • Creating a ‘Mayor’s Sentencing Unit’ to ‘assess every single sentence handed down for violent and sexual crime in London and ask that those that are too lenient be reviewed’
  • Asking all businesses with over 250 employees to enforce mandatory drug tests
  • Opening 32 new youth centres and creating 4,000 new youth workers (funded by £450m from unclaimed Oyster Card balances)

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On Covid recovery and the economy

Bailey has promised to create 924,000 jobs over five years by ‘investing in more affordable housing, better transport infrastructure and new training opportunities.’

A part of this is a pledge to lobby the government for City Hall to retain 100% of taxation revenue from business rates, up from 75%, in order to increase the mayor of London’s annual Budget.

Other highlights from his manifesto include:

  • Pledging £9m High Streets fund to save ailing bricks and mortar retail businesses
  • Appointing a deputy mayor for international trade
  • Pledging to launch an annual Festival of London – modelled on the famous Edinburgh Fringe to help kickstart the capital’s economy post-lockdown

On Housing

Bailey’s plans involve making property building in London more collaborative with borough leaders.

He has pledged to create the City Hall owned property developer – Housing for London (HfL) – a centrepiece of his housing policy platform, and the developer would ‘streamline housebuilding in London and tackle the housing crisis head-on by bringing together policymakers, with industry and borough leaders.’

He has also pledged to build 100,000 shared ownership homes that would be sold for £100,000 each, which would involve people being able to pay £5,000 each to buy shares in the new properties.

Other notable pledges include:

  • Reversing Sadiq Khan’s recent 9.5% council tax hike, which would instead be funded by cutting City Hall’s office and PR budget, and building up to 287,000 homes on Brownfield land
  • Ensuring ‘beauty is a central part of the planning process’ for new builds

On Transport

An important issue for Londoners, Bailey is planning to help fund more transport projects in the capital.

His manifesto pledges he will create a new City Hall-owned infrastructure bank to help fund various projects to do with transport around London.

This plan, according to the manifesto, would ‘attract private sector finance into large scale, costly infrastructure projects’ in order to get projects like Crossrail 2, the Hammersmith Bridge repairs, and the Bakerloo extension funded.

Other notable pledges include:

  • Introducing a West End Weekend Pass, a weekend-long travelcard eligible for one weekend that would allow people to use the transport network for free from all zones
  • Lobbying the government to get the suburban rail network under the control of Transport for London (TfL)
  • Scrapping the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) extension
  • Cutting the congestion charge from £15 to £11.50
  • A rollout of driverless trains
  • Corporate sponsorship for Tube stations in a bid to stimulate up to £500 million revenue

On the Environment

If Bailey were to get into City Hall, he pledges to provide interest-free loans, worth up to 10% of the cost of a new electric vehicle, to black cab drivers who want to transition from diesel to electric cars.

Other pledges include:

  • The rollout of a zero-emission bus fleet by 2025
  • Planting 500,000 more trees and ‘living roofs’ throughout the capital.

The local elections are on May 6.

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