‘Who’s enforcing it?!’ Spain expat rages at Covid passports being used in Europe

Spain: British expat questions enforcement of Covid passes

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A British expat in Spain moaned about his adoptive country’s lack of clarity about face masks as he blasted the police for not putting enough effort into “enforcing” protective masks in hospitality venues such as restaurants. In Spain wearing face masks outdoors will become mandatory again from tomorrow after Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced a range of fresh measures to deal with a spike of COVID-19 infections. But Mike, who swapped the UK with beach resort Alicante, insinuated that the Spanish government’s general message wasn’t any more lucid or solid than its British equivalent.

Spain has left no stone unturned in its mission to defeat COVID-19, as two radical decisions in the space of one week were taken.

Eight of the country’s 17 autonomous regions were given the green light to introduce Covid passports for people to visit venues.

In those communities’ territories, people who are not in possession of COVID-19 pass will be turned away from bars, nightclubs, restaurants, gyms and care homes.

In light of a record 49,823 new infections recorded two days ago, Mr Sanchez decided to react, but he refused to panic.

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He stated that the country will not adapt the measures as in March 2020 because the situation “today is different” and “we’re better prepared” to withstand the onslaught.

But after the government’s failure to properly enforce face masks indoors, Mark doubts things will be any better when it comes to forcing people to wear them outside, as he criticised the Spanish authorities for going through the motions.

He told TalkRADIO: “It’s fine, the problem we’ve got here at the moment is [that from] tomorrow it’s mandatory to have face masks.

“If it was 50 people you didn’t have to have passports but they changed it now so it doesn’t matter how many people you got, you still need to have a passport.”

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“You are supposed to [have a mask when you go to a restaurant].

“It’s only the people in the restaurant that ask you but we have never seen the police.

“It’s supposed to be enforced but who is enforcing it?

“It’s only when you go into the restaurant they ask you for the passport. But when you go outside you don’t have to have it.”


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Spanish publication El Pais labelled the decision to reintroduce face masks after six months as “cosmetic” given the severity of the situation, with COVID-19 continuing to run riot across Spain who has a population of nearly 47 million people.

There are currently 784 cases every 100,000 inhabitants, a 78 percent deterioration on last week.

Last year 360,000 British residents lived in Spain with the bulk of them enjoying sunny spots like the Balearic Islands, Malaga and Alicante.

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