‘Why give him airtime?!’ Peston viewers blast Matt Hancock after apology

Matt Hancock heckled whilst giving statement in Parliament

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Matt Hancock admitted he “blew up every part of his life” when he was caught kissing an aide which was followed by his swift resignation and splitting with his wife. The former health secretary addressed the scandal during his first major interview since resigning from Government.

Mr Hancock stated he was “sorry to the people that I hurt” while speaking on the political programme, but many viewers were left disgruntled that Mr Hancock was given airtime.

He said: “As you can imagine, the first thing that I focused on was my personal life and when I focused on my professional responsibility I decided that I had to resign.

“I’d blown up every part of my life.

“I concentrated on my personal life first as you can probably imagine…

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“I made the decision.

“It was clearly the right decision.

“I just say sorry again for the failure.

“I let a lot of people down.

“I’m sorry to the people that I hurt.”

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This apology caused many viewers to take to social media to vent their confusion.

Twitter user Mack Yavelli asked: “Why are you even giving him airtime?”

Samuel Steenson agreed: “Why is this waste of space on Peston.”

Hoolley told her 600 followers: “I actually find it hard to deal with this. Why is he even there? Peston, this is disgusting.”

Cam asked in shock: “Why on Earth are you giving this disaster of a man airtime? Shocking!”

However, not all viewers shared this opinion.

Twitter user VP wrote: “I’ve no idea why but I feel like I believe him a bit more than the idiot we have in charge now, who was so quick to get rid of all guidelines as soon as he came to office and now it looks like we are going back to them.”

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