Why Prince Louis may not get the Duke of York title in future

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When a member of the Royal Family has married, they have traditionally been given a new royal title by the reigning monarch. So when Prince William is King, it is highly likely his three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will get new royal titles if they decide to get married in the future. Prince Louis will one day be the second son of the monarch, a position that has a long royal affinity with the Duke of York title.

Across several royal generations, the second son of the reigning monarch has often been given the Duke of York title when they marry.

And coincidentally, due to death and abdication, two of the previous Duke of Yorks ended up on the throne unexpectedly.

Edward VII’s second son, Prince George, held the Duke of York title and he eventually ascended the throne as George V in 1910.

And George V’s second son Prince Albert was also made the Duke of York when he married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

Prince Albert went on to become King George VI upon the abdication of his brother Edward VIII in 1936.

Royal expert Marlene Koenig explained to Express.co.uk: “George became the heir to the throne when his father Edward VII succeeded Victoria.

“He was briefly styled as Duke of Cornwall and York until dad named him as Prince of Wales.

“When he became king in 1910, his peerages reverted to the Crown.

“In 1920 he created his second son, Albert as Duke of York, the future George VI.”

The Duke of York title is currently held by Prince Andrew, the Queen and Prince Philip’s second son.

Andrew cannot pass his title on to his two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

So the Duke of York title will revert back to the crown upon Prince Andrew’s death.

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As the second son of a future king, Prince Louis might expect to get the Duke of York title when he is older.

But if Andrew is still alive when Louis ties the knot, the Duke of York title will not be vacant.

And he is also not guaranteed the title as the monarch’s second son, as there are several other titles Louis could receive.

Ms Koenig explained: “Andrew has to be dead for Louis to be created Duke of York.

“It is not always the second son. Queen Victoria’s son Alfred was Duke of Edinburgh.

“She created her grandson, Prince George of Wales, younger son of the Prince of Wales, as Duke of York.

“His elder brother Alber Victor was created Duke of Clarence and Avondale.”

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