William and Harry neck and neck in US poll, with Charles less liked

Piers Morgan discusses Harry’s attendance at the coronation

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New polling by NBC News suggests Americans have an equally favourable impression of Prince William and Harry, with the Duke holding a slight edge over his brother. Both fared decidedly better than their father, King Charles. Among US adults, 29 percent have a positive view of Harry (versus 24 percent who have a negative view) and 26 percent have a positive view of Prince William (compared to 13 percent who have a negative view).

In contrast, 15 percent of Americans have a positive view of King Charles (versus 26 percent who view him negatively).

Charles’ net rating has improved since 1997 – the last time an NBC News poll asked Americans for their perception of him.

That year, 18 percent of Americans had a positive view of the future King and 47 percent held a negative view of the then-prince (a -29 net rating).

The conclusion, though, is that Americans don’t care too much for the royals.

Sixty-one percent said they felt neutral or didn’t know enough about Prince William to give a rating, while 59 percent said the same about Charles and 47 percent said the same about Harry.

The survey also pitted the two younger royal couples — Harry and Meghan and William and Kate – against each other.

Sixty-eight percent of those polled have no opinion or don’t prefer one couple over another.

Thirteen percent said they prefer Harry and Meghan to William and Kate, nine percent said they prefer William and Kate to Harry and Meghan and ten percent prefer both couples equally.

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Among those who did choose one couple over another, Republicans were more likely to say they preferred William and Kate, while Democrats were more likely to say they preferred Harry and Meghan.

Women were also more likely to offer up their opinions on the two couples, with 28 percent of women surveyed choosing one couple over the other and just 15 percent of men picking one couple over another.

The overwhelmingly neutral response to the royals is surprising, given Harry’s recent media blitz.

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix doc, released in December, drew a huge audience.

This was followed by the Duke’s tell-all memoir, Spare, which sold a record 1.4 million copies on its day of release.

Spare contains a number of explosive revelations about royal life that have sparked a strong reaction among UK and US audiences alike.

Alternative polls suggest Harry and Meghan’s popularity has waned following the release of Spare.

Prior to publication, Harry had a favourability rating of +38, according to a December 5 poll of 2,000 US voters for Newsweek.

As of January 16, this had plunged to -7.

His wife has also taken a hit following the release of Spare, the poll suggested.

Meghan now has an approval rating of -13, compared to +23 on December 5.

The poll also found women were slightly less likely to like Meghan than men.

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