William and Kate will struggle to heal rift with Harry

Prince Harry discusses the ‘right to privacy’ in 2016

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Following the fallout of their recent revelations, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationships with the Royal Family are understood to be strained. The Duke of Sussex’s previously close bond with his brother and sister-in-law — Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales — is said to have come to a particularly low point after the publication of his tell-all memoir, Spare. And now, the Daily Express’s royal correspondent Richard Palmer has claimed the Prince and Princess of Wales will struggle to make amends with the Sussexes.

Speaking on this week’s episode of The Royal Round Up, Mr Palmer discussed King Charles III’s upcoming Coronation.

While Meghan and Harry’s attendance has not been confirmed, it has been reported that the King’s second son and daughter-in-law have been invited.

Mr Palmer said the Sussexes “coming over for the Coronation would be a good opportunity,” adding: “I think, while there might be a bit of weariness, I would also expect — certainly the King and Queen Consort to have some private discussions trying to mend the rift.

“[With] William and Kate, I think the relations are so strained there that it may be difficult but there will certainly be an effort to try to bring them together.”

In his book, Harry delved deeply into his relationship with his older brother, reflecting on the negative connotations surrounding the royal heir and spare dynamic.

Among several revelations, the Duke alleged that he and William had a heated altercation over Meghan which turned physical, called the Prince of Wales his “arch nemesis”, and revealed they were not each other’s best man at their respective weddings.

Elsewhere, he claimed William and Kate told him to wear his controversial Nazi costume to a 2005 costume party and gave his version of the bridesmaid dress row between the Princess of Wales and Duchess of Sussex, which Harry alleged resulted in Meghan “sobbing on the floor”.

When asked if he and his brother text during his appearance on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper, Harry said “currently, no,” adding it had been “a while” since they last spoke.

In his interview with ITV’S Tom Bradby, he insisted he wanted a relationship with his brother once again. And while he told Mr Cooper he can’t see himself returning as a full-time working royal, he said his relations with the family could be healed, but said: “The ball is very much in their court.”

It has previously been reported that members of the Royal Family are wary of the Sussexes’ attendance at the Coronation, particularly given Harry and Meghan’s recent appearances in the media and brutal honesty about royal life.

Mr Palmer said: “I think it’s inevitable that members of the family are going to be quite wary I think.”

Nonetheless, the Sussexes are reportedly on the guest list, with a Whitehall source claiming a plan is underway to ensure the couple do not overshadow the event in any way.

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They told Express.co.uk last week: “They’re on the list and planning is well underway to make sure the proceedings run as smooth as possible — without any drama.”

Given the public interest in Harry and William’s relationship, officials especially want to reduce the chance of the brothers being seen in public together and are organising seating arrangements in Westminster Abbey to avoid them being photographed together.

While the guest list is yet to be confirmed, and invitations have still not been sent out, the insider said Harry and Meghan are currently on the 2,000-strong list, alongside royals — both domestic and foreign — dignitaries and world leaders.

However, the Sussexes will not have long to make a decision about their attendance, with RSVPs apparently wanted by the beginning of April.

Mr Palmer claimed the Royal Family would have sent out an invitation to Meghan and Harry “privately” to avoid the public finding out any “sensitive” details.

However, PR expert Shannon Peerless doesn’t think the Sussexes will ever be able to escape the interest surrounding their strained relations with the Royal Family.

She recently told Express.co.uk: “Whilst the drama may die down for Harry and Meghan in the not-too-distant future, the Royal feud will, unfortunately, follow them around for years and years to come.

“Even if a reconciliation occurs, which it certainly could, the spotlight will be so heavily focused on them all that the rumour mill will never be far from churning into gear again.”

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