William devastated by ‘utter distortion of reality’

Prince Harry and William won’t reconcile predicts Sally Morgan

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With only four days to go until the release, royal sources have suggested that Prince William would be “devastated” by the forthcoming book, with one labelling it “an utter distortion of reality”. The book is set to be released on January 10 and tight pre-launch security was said to be put in place to ensure details were not published until the official release date. However, details have emerged, particularly after copies of Spare accidentally went on sale in Spain.

Speaking of the relationship between Harry and the Royal Family, a source close to the Royal Family claimed Harry will “never be forgiven” for revealing intimate conversations with his elder brother and father.

Amid details that William physically attacked Harry, sources have said that the Duke of Sussex would be branded a “traitor” because of the upcoming book, and its explosive claims.

A former staff member of the Royal Family, who know both brothers while working for the household said that there would “never be a way back for Harry”.

The source added: “I believe he will never be forgiven.

“After everything he has said about privacy and intrusion, this is hard to comprehend.

“His words are so vicious and targeted.”

The source continued: “I don’t doubt he still loves his father and his brother but its impossible to see how he won’t come to bitterly regret his decision to do this.

“He knows he will be labelled a traitor, by crossing a red line so many times, his father, his brother, the Princess [of Wales] and Camilla, it’s utterly devastating.”

The book reveals, in a claim released by the Guardian on Thursday, that Harry and William call each other ‘Willy’ and ‘Harold’.

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Despite these nicknames, the anger portrayed in the claims will be unforgiving.

In the claim released on Thursday, Harry and William got into a disagreement over William’s comments about Meghan Markle, which allegedly, according to Harry, resulted in William attacking Harry.

Speaking on previous rumours, Harry would joke with his father, King Charles III about whether he was his “real father”.

These rumours begin after details emerged of his late mother, Princess Diana’s affair with James Hewitt.


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Harry also claimed that he and William also begged their father not to marry Camilla.

He opens up that they feared she would become their “wicked step-mother”.

William also reportedly referred to Meghan as “rude”, after her alleged “baby-brain” comments to Kate, who was pregnant with Prince Louis at the time.

Prince Harry’s memoir was announced in 2021, with release originally scheduled for late 2022.

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