William ‘true power behind the throne’ as he ‘should have taken over from Queen’

Prince William speaks to Paul Gascoigne in Bournemouth

Prince William has become many people’s first choice to sit on the throne, according to a poll carried out by the Daily Mail following King Charles’s first year on the throne.

A substantial 41 percent have said it should have been William that succeeded Queen Elizabeth after her death last September, rather than Charles.

This marks a noticeable increase from the 35 percent who chose William over his father when the poll was last carried out six months ago.

Just 43 percent believe it was the right choice for Charles to become King, meaning his lead over William has dropped from 15 percentage points to only two.

Another two-thirds of the public want the King and Queen Camilla to start delegating greater royal responsibility to William and his wife, Princess Kate.

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However, Nicholas Pyke does not believe this is a sign of the King struggling, but rather positive encouragement that William and Kate have won the support and admiration of the people.

He wrote in the Mail: “Once thought of as a diffident and angry young man, William has grown into a warm and approachable figure, whether that means cracking self-deprecating jokes with teenagers or accepting smackers from Gazza with good grace.

“The affection between father and son as William paid homage was one of the most moving moments of the Coronation. Today, we see plenty of the family man – the responsible husband and father to three charming children.

“We’ve seen William the action man, helped by artful pictures of yachting and abseiling – even if he (sometimes) gets beaten by sporty Kate in their impromptu head-to-head challenges.”

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Mr Pyke added that William has been the “true power behind the monarchy” for some years, as he taken a hard stance against royal disruptors Prince Andrew and Prince Harry.

Royal sources have stated that the future King is adamant Andrew should not return to royal duties, despite Charles beginning to welcome his younger brother back into the family fold.

William and Harry are also still not on speaking terms, with William reportedly too upset to reconcile with his brother following allegations the Duke of Sussex made in his memoir Spare.

In the book he claimed William physically attacked him during a fight and was rude about Harry’s wife Meghan Markle.

In spite of William and Kate’s star quality, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield has rubbished claims that Charles is simply a “caretaker King” for his son.

She told Express.co.uk: “I think the King has sacrificed a significant amount of his life for this responsibility. I think he is humbled by the blessing that is his duty.

“He will be an excellent King because his mother was one of his greatest mentors. He will not have as long of a reign based on the math alone but he had been living a life of service long before he took the crown.”

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